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Legionnaires Disease Connected to LA Fitness in Naperville

The Legionnaires bacteria has been traced to a hot tub at the LA Fitness in Naperville, on Freedom Drive at Naperville Road.  [...] Bacteria found in Batavia schools in October 2012  [...] Illinois Department of Public Health memo on testing school district water supplies from November 2012 [PDF ...]

Forbes Calls Lake County a Suburb Ranks #9 after Chicago (#4) as Among Most Miserable Cities

Chicago residents must endure long commutes (31 minutes on average), plummeting home prices (37% the past five years), brutal winters and high foreclosure rates (3.3% of homes in 2012 says RealtyTrac) ... net migration out of the city of 107,000 people the past five years, according to Moody’s Analytics  [...] Chicago is the sixth worst among the 200 largest metros [...] Lake County (oops they call it a Chicago suburb) is one of the richest counties in the U.S., as measured by per capita income. But home prices are down 29% over the past 5 years. Other drawbacks: long commutes and lousy weather [...]