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State Senator Oberweis Want to End Illinois Ban on Sunday Car Sales, But Sales Industry Might Not Be Interested Because Banks Aren't Open on Sunday

State Senator Jim Oberweis ways state law shouldn't interfere with consumers who want to buy a car on Sunday, but Chicagoland Automobile Trade Association David Sloan says opening on Sunday might be difficult when financing and financial institutions aren’t open on Sundays [...] Sugar Grove Republican Jim Oberweis tells the Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises newspapers that he wants to introduce legislation next year allowing Sunday vehicle sales, which have been banned since 1983 [...]

South Suburbs Broke, Can't Pay for Fire, Can't Pay for Police: Cook County Sheriff Dart Plans To Take Over Police Duties In Robbins

UPDATE: Dixmoor Fire Department End of Watch at 8:00 a.m. Sunday December 1, 2013 [AUDIO Radioman911 ...] Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to meet Wednesday with Robbins officials regarding sheriff’s police taking command of the Chicago south suburb’s troubled police department [...] FLASHBACK AUGUST 2013: Cook County Sheriff's Department takes over midnight shift in south suburban Dixmoor after two officers walked off their job with Dixmoor Police Department [...] FLASHBACK AUGUST 2013: Dixmoor Police Chief Robert Fox fired for asking the Cook County Sheriff's police for extra manpower last Saturday night after two Dixmoor cops had left their post without permission [...]

Ernie Banks Receives Medal of Freedom Award from President Barack Obama

I wish my mom and dad were alive today to see this happen,” said Ernie Banks, who will bring the President a Jackie Robinson baseball bat [...] President Barack Obama will bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom on 16 Americans Wednesday, including Chicagoans Ernie Banks and Oprah Winfrey [...] MLB.COM FLASHBACK: Banks, 82, will see Obama in November, when the Cubs Hall of Famer is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor presented to civilians in the United States [...]