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Fictionalized, Hyperconnected Chicago Is the Virtual Location of Action-Adventure Video Game "Watch Dogs"

Watch Dogs (stylized as WATCH_DOGS ) is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft that is set within a fictionalized, hyper-connected version of Chicago, Illinois, which is managed through a centralised system called ctOS (the city's central operating system). A game player is able to hack into the lives of fictional characters that live and work in Chicago. Players able to eavesdrop into phone calls, hack into anyone's life, identify criminals, disrupt communications, and disrupt infrastructure. While the player is watching, any other character in the game could be watching and acting on the player.

Police Warn Elderly Residents About Burglaries in Northwest Side of Chicago -- Ruse/Scam Burglaries

Two men enter an elderly woman's home. One said they were installing a speed bump, but damage her garage. He said he needed a drink of water for "catch" in his throat, and turned on the water hard. The other offender apparently took a necklace her deceased husband gave her [...] Ruse offender, who was on his knees tying his shoes, stood up when the elderly woman answered the door ... "We are going to put a speed bump in your area, we hit your garage but the city will take care of it,"

CBS 2 Chicago's Jay Levine Keeps Stride as Protester Jumps in Live to Express His Opinion of President Barack Obama

Barack Obama arrived back in his hometown for a fundraiser as a protestor interrupts CBS 2's Jay Levine shouting, "Obama is a war criminal." [...] Surrounded by sand-filled Streets and Sanitation dump trucks as security for Mesirow Financial's  big ticket dinner with host CEO Richard Price. Mesirow Financial is an independent and employee-owned financial services firm based in Chicago. The firm has about 1,200 employees globally with four divisions. Investment Management Global Markets (including Investment banking) Insurance Services Consulting Mesirow Financial was founded in 1937 by Norman Mesirow.