Forbes Calls Lake County a Suburb Ranks #9 after Chicago (#4) as Among Most Miserable Cities

Chicago residents must endure long commutes (31 minutes on average), plummeting home prices (37% the past five years), brutal winters and high foreclosure rates (3.3% of homes in 2012 says RealtyTrac) ... net migration out of the city of 107,000 people the past five years, according to Moody’s Analytics [...]

Chicago is the sixth worst among the 200 largest metros [...]

Lake County (oops they call it a Chicago suburb) is one of the richest counties in the U.S., as measured by per capita income. But home prices are down 29% over the past 5 years. Other drawbacks: long commutes and lousy weather [...]

America's Most Miserable Cities
#1 Detroit
#2 Flint, Michigan
#3 Rockford, Illinois
#4 Chicago, Illinois
#5 Modesto, California
#6 Vellejo, Calif.
#7 Warren, Mich.
#8 Stockton, Calif.
#9 Lake County, Illinois
#10 New York, N.Y.

Funniest comment post below article ...
"Forbes ranked #1 dumbest magazine by Chicago.”

-- Don Gordon

#11 Toledo, Ohio
#12 St. Louis, Missouri
#13 Camden, N.J.
#14 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
#15 Atlantic City, NJ
#16 Atlanta, Georgia
#17 Cleveland, Ohio
#18 Poughkeepsie, New York
#19 Gary, Indiana
#20 Youngstown, Ohio

Response ...

"Detroit and Chicago have turned into the filth of America. Congratulations! You should be so proud!

Dropping home prices, that sounds attractive. High gun violence, that’s a big seller too. Sounds to me like Don Gordon lives in paradise!"

-- PoliticoR

I lived in Chicago too. My parents couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there! Daly & Daly, Jr used to be the worst. Now you’ve got that little twerp Rahm “deadfish” Emanuel at the helm and Chi-town is falling even deeper into the sewer than before. Murder capital of the US. When are people going to get that ANY liberal stronghold is going to be a cesspool. I miss the attractions there but none are worth dying for.

-- LisaT