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Firehouse Friday on Fox 32 November 7, 2014

Firehouse Friday at Westmont Firehouse with Tammy Souza.

VIDEO: Aircraft at O'Hare Lands Sideways into the Wind on November 6, 2014

Passenger aircraft at O'Hare landing sideway into the wind. Video with flight delay information from ABC 7 Chicago  […] Chicago Weather O'Hare Data November 06 2014  […] | Flight Delays and Flightaware Misery Map

Voters Reject Proposal to Raise Taxes to Fund Antioch Rescue Squad at Antioch Fire Department

Antioch and Antioch Township reject proposal to raise taxes to fund rescue squad at the Antioch Fire Department […] Antioch rescue squad rejected the six-month deal, and the village decided to end the relationship June 1, 2013 […] Lawsuit against Antioch Rescue Squad contended in 2012 that rescue department employee Shannon Volling and former employees Julie Banser and April Soulak complained to supervisors about the harassment but were ignored […] Daily Herald Endorsed "Yes" in November 2014 Election […] Antioch Rescue Squad (Official)