Nurses Perform CPR, Naperville Park District Police with an ATV and AED Save Half-Marathon Runner

ER nurse on man given CPR: "He actually was responding and said he wanted to finish the race" ... after he was revived by three nurses doing CPR and with the help of a park district police officer on an ATV that was equipped with an AED, who was the first official on the scene  ...

Among all the volunteer medical personnel staffing the Edward Hospital Naperville Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, it was three nurses actually running the race who are being credited with saving a life. “We were running right past mile 6 when we saw a man who was unresponsive,” said Stephanie […]

Yonatan Mascote, age 24, a Naperville resident and a North Central College graduate had the winning time of 2:34:25.  . Amanda Mirochne, 26, of Naperville, was first place among women with a time of 2:50:14 [...]

City of Naperville Marathon and Half Marathon [...]